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I had been in chronic upper back pain for five years. Even when just sitting, the pain level would be on a scale of 10/10 most of the time. I had pretty much given up on trying to get it resolved.  

I attended Alexandra‘s Deep Tissue massage class in February 2020. I had no particular expectations to get my back issue resolved, as I was simply there as a student ready to learn massage. 

In the process of doing massage exchange with a fellow student, the very first practice I received, I was beyond surprised at the results.

My back pain had gone from 10/10 to 0/10. Over the course of the next week it remained 0/10 pain level.


Karam Sidhu


As the fellow student with Karam in this Deep Tissue class and with Alexandra’s instruction and guidance I gave Karam the Deep Tissue back massage. These were very unique and effective techniques that Alexandra was teaching us.  

I was amazed on my first day of class that I was able to resolve Karam’s 5 years of suffering from a chronic upper back pain issue.

I HIGHLY recommend Alexandra‘s massage classes, to anyone wanting to learn massage, where you will experience both giving and receiving her very distinctive and incredibly effective massage techniques...! 

Sarah Russell

Taking Alexandra's massage class in 2017, was a great decision. I was ready to take a step forward into the field of professional massage. In 2011, I had attended a Shiatsu school in Montreal. Although I gained a lot of experience massaging friends and family, my massage skills and confidence levels, definitely needed improvement. An online search, led me to Alexandra's website, where I was drawn immediately to the courses she was offering and so I joined the Relaxation Massage class. 

I thoroughly enjoyed her class, which was so well structured and her teaching was clear and concise! It was just what I needed!  She helped me to master the massage procedure, step-by-step which includes all the professional draping techniques, as I was not used to massaging with oil and the idea of draping had initially felt intimidating! Shortly after taking her course, I applied at a massage salon in Kitsilano, where they offer full body relaxation massage, as well as foot massage. I was hired right away and have now been working there ever since.  The place is great and so are the people that I work with. 

BONUS - the income is just fantastic as well.   PLUS - I have received job offers to work at an Acupuncturist office. 

I am happy for having taken Alexandra's massage class and definitely recommend it highly, to anyone who wants to learn something new, or like myself, who simply needs to polish and expand their current massage skill set before setting foot into the real world.

D. Ton, Vancouver, BC

I would like to say thank you, Alexandra, for being such a wonderful teacher. 
I gave my first two massages on Friday and both of my clients couldn't believe that they were #1 and #2 of my practicum.
They said that it was the best massage that they had ever received! 
It was so rewarding to hear their comments, I enjoyed the experience and have so much more confidence. 
I have 3 clients coming on Tuesday for massages, can't wait to hear what they think of the experience. 
I am really looking forward to the Hot Stone class and Deep Tissue, with you! 
Thank you for helping me to become exceptional at what I do.

Verna Merlin, Airdrie, AB

I was so excited to start practicing both these modalities, once I got home, that I completed all my practices fairly quickly. Since then, I have created a lovely and unique blend of the Relaxation and Stone massage for my clients. I have received such incredible feedback from the community, that my local Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Physiotherapists and Chiropractor have all asked me to post my business card and brochures in their office, so that they can promote my massage service to all of their clients. The RMT said, "You know, not all my clients need the remedial, sometimes painful, massage work that I do, so for those clients, I will definitely refer them to you. Please make sure to bring your brochures for my reception area, as soon as you are certified."  What great praise indeed...!!


D. McDuff, Prince Albert, AB

Excellent, your course was exactly what I was looking for, a great compliment to the other massage course that I took. You are a great teacher. I enjoyed your examples with regards to professionalism. Everything that I learned in this course will help me to progress in my career. I want to take all the courses that you offer.

J. Little, Calgary, AB

I loved your friendly, warm and patient attitude, you are a natural and knowledgeable teacher and I love how you delivered this extremely informative course, full of the many small details that makes for an awesome stone massage. You exceeded my expectations. 

S. Roberts, RMT, Saskatoon, SK

You have done a great amount of research and gathering of info, which you have tied so well together, for this course.

It was especially helpful to review marketing strategies. Thank-you, not only for the great course and the chance to grow my practice, but also for the chance to meet you. You are truly a wonderful person. 

R. Anderson, RMT, Vancouver, BC

I found the course to be excellent. I felt that the Hot Stone Massage would be very beneficial to my business and will fit beautifully with any spa setting. My clients tell me that it is the best stone massage that they have ever received, deeply relaxing, yet very therapeutic as well...!

J. Paquette, Rothesay, N.B.

Your teaching is wonderful. You have a very patient, kind and calming way about you. Your course was so much more then what I thought it would be; very thorough. Many thanks Alexandra

L. Caley, Williams Lake, BC

The course was everything I expected and more. I would never have thought that using the cold marble stones would feel as amazing as it did. It was the perfect end to a perfect massage. Thank-your for your time in teaching me this wonderful technique.    


R. Cowie, Richmond, BC

My Stone massages are going very well! The last two clients I had said it was better than any Stone massage they have ever had and some of the therapeutic massage people are sold on the hot stone and say it is better.

As for the cold stones - all the clients I have had are amazed at what they can do. So I had a GREAT teacher!

I am so excited to get going on a regular basis and my treatment room turned out better than I could have dreamed - I want to spend all my time in there! Thanks again for everything ...!

C. Macmillan, Estevan, SK

Just wanted to let you know, I received offers from both spas that interviewed me. I am now working full time in Whistler. Just want to say a BIG Thank-You, for teaching me the skills and an amazing start on my dream career. Without your course, I wouldn't now be so happy. Thank-you again and see you soon for the Deep Tissue class.

N. Miller, Whistler, BC

I would highly recommend to anyone providing hands on Natural Care to incorporate Stone Therapy to their practice. As a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, I personally felt the healing power of the hot stones on my own knee injury. After taking Alexandra's Stone massage class, I immediately began incorporating it into my practice and my patients thoroughly enjoyed the soothing healing powers of the stones. The penetrating heat of the stones and their firm pressure amplifies the therapeutic effect of acupressure or Tui Na massage, making the therapist’s work easier. This class was professionally put together to ensure client safety by proper training, while providing many helpful tips in record keeping and client management.


Dr. Lyla May Yip, BSc, MSc, RAc, Dr. TCM, at BC Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Vancouver, BC

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