I had been in chronic upper back pain for five years. Even when just sitting, the pain level would be on a scale of 10/10 most of the time. I had pretty much given up on trying to get it resolved.  

I attended Alexandra‘s Deep Tissue massage class in February 2020. I had no particular expectations to get my back issue resolved, as I was simply there as a student ready to learn massage. 

In the process of doing massage exchange with a fellow student, the very first practice I received, I was beyond surprised at the results.

My back pain had gone from 10/10 to 0/10. Over the course of the next week it remained 0/10 pain level.


Karam Sidhu, Feb, 2020


As the fellow student with Karam in this Deep Tissue class and with Alexandra’s instruction and guidance I gave Karam the Deep Tissue back massage. These were very unique and effective techniques that Alexandra was teaching us.  

I was amazed on my first day of class that I was able to resolve Karam’s 5 years of suffering from a chronic upper back pain issue.

I HIGHLY recommend Alexandra‘s massage classes, to anyone wanting to learn massage, where you will experience both giving and receiving her very distinctive and incredibly effective massage techniques...! 

Sarah Russell, Feb, 2020

I would highly recommend to anyone providing hands on Natural Care to incorporate Stone Therapy to their practice. As a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, I personally felt the healing power of the hot stones on my own knee injury. After taking Alexandra's Stone massage class, I immediately began incorporating it into my practice and my patients thoroughly enjoyed the soothing healing powers of the stones. The penetrating heat of the stones and their firm pressure amplifies the therapeutic effect of acupressure or Tui Na massage, making the therapist’s work easier. This class was professionally put together to ensure client safety by proper training, while providing many helpful tips in record keeping and client management.


Dr. Lyla May Yip, BSc, MSc, RAc, Dr. TCM, at BC Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Vancouver, BC

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