Our Massage Classes are limited in size, which gives our students greater access to Instructor guidance and support during their practice sessions.

Advanced booking is highly recommended, in order to reserve your space, as these classes can fill quickly.


Your space is held with your confirmed Registration, which consists of 2 items - 

1) Registration Form completed, signed and submitted 2) Class fees are processed

All student class fees must be already paid in full, prior to your first class day.

It is highly recommended to purchase the class instructional video, available on a USB flash drive,


Re-Scheduling a Class - A $200 admin fee applies for each re-scheduling, of each individual class date.

Newly registered students are given first priority for upcoming class dates. 

A re-scheduled class must be attended within 12 months, of the original class date, otherwise the student class fees will be forfeited.

Missing a portion of a Class - A $200 administration fee may be applied for any student who arrives late, or leaves early, or misses any portion of a class day.

Late arrival interrupts both the teaching and learning process. If you arrive late or leave early, please be prepared to re-schedule your complete class, with inherent re-scheduling fees. 

Please be advised that Massage Class fees are non refundable.

Any and all massage and stone supply items, such as massage table linens, massage oils, basalt and marble stone sets, stone roasters, etc, are non returnable and non refundable, for hygienic reasons. 

Class dates are subject to change. We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel any class. 

For each Massage Class students will receive a detailed educational manual. Instructional videos are available for selected classes (on a USB).  


Course Criteria - Each class day there are homework requirements, which must be completed, (plan for 1-2 hours/day). For Relaxation Massage and Deep Tissue Massage classes, there is a quiz on Days 2 and 4. Students are required to submit 10 practice quotas, using the Client Feedback Form provided in their manuals, for each class attended. Based on your level of ability to acquire the practical knowledge within the class timeframe, the student may or may not be required, at the instructor's discretion, to submit a video of the fully learned procedure(s). The video must display the student's satisfactory proficiency in giving the complete procedure as taught in class.

All required class submissions must be approved by the Instructor, to be eligible for a class certificate.


Our company strives to always create and establish a safe, welcoming, encouraging and positive learning environment for all of our students. 

We expect our students to adhere to industry standards of professional conduct and professional attire, while in their class. With this in mind, please be advised that while in the class, your behaviors, attitudes, level of professionalism, conduct towards other students and the class instructor and also your respect of the professional dress code attire, will also determine your eligibility to receive a class certificate.

If these standards are not adhered to and corrected, after a private initial discussion with a student, you may be asked to leave the class premises and/or also make yourself ineligible to receive a class certificate.

A Certificate is issued only to students that meet all class requirements -  1) Have fully attended all class days, 2) Have exhibited respect and professionalism in their attitudes, dress code, conduct and are teachable and coachable in their class 3) Have completed and submitted all class requirements (homework, quiz) within the deadline (practice quotas, videos, etc) and the Instructor has reviewed their submissions and determined that the student has achieved the necessary skill levels, for each class submission.